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We Connect: Calling for Hongkongers to support the NHS

The rapidly deteriorating situation of the coronavirus in the UK is placing the NHS under tremendous stress. This includes its staff, equipment, and other resources.  The Umbrella Union, with Simon Cheng as the honorary chair, has therefore launched an urgent appeal to the Hong Kong community in the UK to support the hard-working NHS staff during these challenging times ahead.

A number of British Members of Parliaments and politicians who have been following/working on Hong Kong issues, including Benedict Rogers and Luke de Pulford are also now publicly calling for help for the NHS staff. Baroness Northover, who has been one of the most vocal politicians speaking out for Hong Kong people, has been confirmed to have the coronavirus. In the latest, Prince Charles tested positive for the virus.  

We need the NHS to keep our community of Hongkongers, who are fighting here in the UK for Hong Kong, in good health, in order for us to continue supporting other fellow Hong Kongers back home.  If Hong Kongers Stand With the UK now, it would make the UK Stand With Hong Kong much more likely in the months and years ahead.

In 1887, the first UK western medical college was established in Hong Kong, nurturing Dr. Sun Yat-Sen as one of its first graduates in 1892. In the subsequent years of the 20th century, the UK government in Hong Kong fostered good early health education, professional health services, and made Hong Kong one of the most advanced and well-developed healthcare and medication systems in Asia.  

This critical time right now is a golden opportunity for Hong Kongers in the UK to show our appreciation and support the NHS in return for the UK’s positive healthcare legacy in Hong Kong.

Your donation, in the name of Hong Kongers in the UK, will allow us to give funds directly to the NHS, for them to provide vital support to their frontline staff to tackle the coronavirus during these extraordinary times. As mentioned in the Prime Minister’s speech, “each and one of us is now obliged to join together.”

In the weeks and months ahead, NHS staff will need our support more than ever, so please show your appreciation with a generous donation today, to show full solidarity of Hong Kongers in the UK for the NHS. Please also consider sharing this page on social media to help us raise as much as possible for them.

About us

We are a group of Hong Kongers in the UK and on international fronts, including those from the financial and accounting sectors, artists and designers, UK civil servants, current NHS doctors and nurses, former members of the British Foreign Office, academics, think tanks etc.


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Update #1

1. We will engage UK local media to maximise our exposure, presence, and impact to let the British public know that #HKStandsWithUK. All individuals and organisations who had donated will be on our thank you list attached to the greeting card to the NHS staff. 

2. We will also be launching a wider campaign in supporting other countries, including the US and EU in their fight against the Coronavirus. Hong Kong has the talents, skills, experience, and passion to offer to the World. If you would like to get involved, stay tuned and we will announce further arrangements shortly.

Update #2

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