Voice for Hong Kong: An Appeal to You

In this programme, we interview notable figures in relation to the Hong Kong democratic movement. We ask them about their story, their motivation, and most importantly, their message to you.

Voice for Hong Kong Episode Four

In this episode, we talked to the founder of Hong Kong Watch and the deputy chair of the Conservatives' Human Rights Commission, Mr. Benedict Rogers, about his views on the risks to UK's security and freedoms by the Chinese Communist Party, the Coronavirus, and the Vatican.

Voice for Hong Kong Episode Three

In this episode, Miss Sonia Ng talked about her experience after being sexually assaulted by Hong Kong police officers and what comes next.

Voice for Hong Kong Episode Two

Mr. Cheng Man Kit (Simon) is a former British consulate staff member who had been abducted, detained, and tortured by the Beijing authorities for his knowledge of British diplomatic work and his involvement in the Hong Kong democratic movement. He reveals the full story in this episode.

Voice for Hong Kong Episode One

We have had the pleasure to interview Mr. Luke de Pulford, who is currently sitting on the Conservatives' Human Rights Commission and was very vocal about the democratic movement in Hong Kong.

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