A Record of Violations of Democratic Rights in Hong Kong by the Chinese and the HKSAR Government

(For records of police brutality, see below.)

In October 2015, the bookseller Lam Wing-Kee who sold censored books was abducted by the Chinese Government. Below shows his recollection captured by The Wall Street Journal.

In January 2015, a Chinese Billionaire was abducted from his room in the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong and was found in Chinese detention days later as per The New York Times.

From July 2016 to August 2016, six localist potential candidates were disqualified from running for fear of separatism, despite some of them confirmed their allegiance to the 'One Country, Two Systems' framework in writing. 

From June 2016 to July 2017, six duly-elected legislators were disqualified and unseated after they have protested during the oathtaking sessions. During which The National People's Congress Standing Committee intervened and interpreted the relevant laws in relation to the oathtaking process, marking the second time in five years where the jurisdictive power of Hong Kong was shown not to be independent.

From June 2019 onwards, it is seen that with an undemocratically constituted legislative majority and an undemocratically elected Chief Executive, Hong Kong does not enjoy the high degree of autonomy entailed in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and was free to wreak tyranny as the Chinese Government pleases.

During this summer of enlightenment, we see tortures, unjustified usage of physical force, denial of medical treatment, arbitrary arrests, inhumane treatment of detainees, assaults targetting journalists, and violent crackdowns of assemblies with impunity, under a wanton disregard by the rule of law. All these violated the freedoms advocated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly freedom of the person, of assembly, and of the press. 

Here are a few footages demonstrating the violations with regards to police abuses of democratic rights. 


Police Officers Torturing A Hospitalised Old Man after He Called Them Corrupt

[26 June 2019, Hong Kong Free Press]

Police Officers Brutalising Restrained Protester 

[29 July 2019, Hong Kong Free Press]

Police Attacking MTR Passengers Indiscriminately

[31 August 2019, Hong Kong Free Press]

Police Officers Arbituarily Arresting and Injuring Pro-Democracy Students

[2 September 2019, Hong Kong Free Press]

Police Officers Brutalising Young Man upon Being

Asked 'Did you lose your conscience?'

[2 September 2019, Appledaily HK]

Police Officers Throwing Tear Gas Grenade at Journalists

[8 September 2019, Hong Kong Free Press]

Police Blinding Indonesian Reporter Deliberately

[30 September 2019, CNA]

Taxi Ramming into Protesters, Driver Uncharged, Unarrested, and Awarded 520,000 HKD

[6 October 2019, Hong Kong Free Press]

Hong Kong Police Throwing Tear Gas Grenade at Journalists

[21 October 2019, Hong Kong Free Press]

Hong Kong Police Targeting Journalists with Water Cannon

[22 October 2019, Hong Kong Free Press]

Police Officers Denying Medical Treatment for Unconscious Protester

[27 October 2018, City Broadcasting Channel, CityUSU]

Police Officers Arresting Owner upon Being Denied Entry without a Warrant

[30 October 2018, City Broadcasting Channel, CityUSU]

Masked Police Officer Spraying a Passer-by in the Eye upon Enquiry

[31 October 2019, RFA]

Police Officers Grievously Injuring a First-Aider with A Chinese-Made Tear Gas Grenade 

[2 November 2019, City Broadcasting Channel, CityUSU]


Police Obstructing Critical Medical Aid for A Grievously Injured Student for 20 minutes.

[3 November 2019, Unknown]

Police Shooting Unarmed Young Protesters

[11 November 2019, Cupid Producer]

Police Officer on Motorbike Trying to Run over Protesters

[11 November 2019, Unknown]

Police Besieging the Chinese University of Hong Kong

[12 November 2019, Unknown]

The People's Liberation Army Volunteering to Clean up the Streets against the Garrison Law

[16 November 2019, SCMP]

Police Dragging and Stomping on A Protester's Head

[18 November 2019, Unknown]

UK Consulate Worker Detained and Tortured in Mainland China

[20 November 2019, BBC]

Below shows an assortment of video records compiled here, including, non-exhaustively, video evidence from 12 June 2019 onwards. 

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